9 Best Vegetable Noodle Maker – Reviews

If you love noodles and spaghetti, but dread the carbs you consume, it is time to invest in a vegetable noodle maker. You can enjoy glorious faux-noodles, or zoodles as they are called, without the carbohydrates. As long as the veggie (or fruit) is firm, you can use the noodle maker to create long, colorful ribbons that have a texture similar to conventional noodles and spaghetti so you will tuck into your vibrantly colored preparations without any problems.

But, finding the best vegetable noodle maker to suit your needs is easier said than done. That is why it is important to check out honest and unbiased reviews that offer in-depth insights into the functioning and quality of different noodle makers. That way, you can make an informed decision. So, without much ado, here are the nine best vegetable noodle makers that you should take a second look at when searching for one.

The Best Vegetable Noodle Maker Collection

When you are looking for a noodle maker that is feature-filled and long-lasting, you may want to look at the best vegetable noodle maker collection. This collection comprises manual noodle makers that are utilitarian as well as visually pleasing.

  1. Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade Noodle Maker

Noodle maker
Paderno is the world leader in home appliances and hence, if you opt for the Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade Noodle Maker, you cannot go wrong. The hand-cranked veggie noodle maker is BPA-free and made from resilient and durable ABS plastic. The three blades are made from stainless steel and ABS plastic, making them long-lasting.

The blades can shred and make spaghetti-like strands, chip to create thick and long spiral strand, and cut straight to make long ribbons. This vegetable noodle maker comes with a built-in storage compartment where you can store the blades you are not using. The suction feet are a blessing as they the noodle maker stability during operation. You can release the vacuum seal with the convenient release tabs. It is easy to disassemble the noodle maker and clean it under warm, running tap water with mild detergent. You can also clean the blades and noodle maker in the dishwasher without any worry.

If space is a constraint, you can opt for the Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade Folding Noodle Maker. You get the same features, but here the cranking handle can be stored in the noodle maker and then folded to a compact size for convenient storage.

In case you want more variety in your noodle maker, opt for the Paderno World Cuisine Four-Blade Noodle Maker. It allows you to make really fine veggie and fruit spirals for garnishing, soups and other dishes. The center hole in this model of the Paderno World Cuisine Noodle Maker is small. Hence, you waste less food when you are spiralizing. Also, there is ample storage within the noodle maker to storage the crank handle, thereby saving space.

  1. Heavy-Duty Five Blade Faux-Noodle Maker

Five Blade Faux-Noodle MakerThis vegetable noodle maker boasts ultra-sharp blades made from high-carbon stainless steel. This makes the blades strong and rust-resistant. The body is made from reinforced BPA-free ABS plastic, giving it durability. The good part about this noodle maker is that its holder has multiple long spikes to firmly grip vegetables and keep them in place while you are spiralizing them. This feature ensures you can easily spiralize veggies that are 7 inches wide and 10 inches long.

This manual noodle maker is compact, and hence, you can carry it on road and camping trips. It comes with integrated storage for the five blades. Besides being safe to use, the noodle maker also is easy to use. You can clean it manually or place it in the top rack of your dishwasher. As a bonus, you get three recipe ebooks completely free.

  1. Mueller Four-Blade Noodle Maker

Four-Blade Noodle Maker

The Mueller Four-Blade vegetable noodle maker is made from reinforced ABS plastic and is completely BPA-free. It comes with four extremely sharp blades that are made out of hardened stainless steel using German technology. These blades can make chips, noodles, spirals and ribbons with ease.

This four-blade noodle maker also doubles up as a juicer, mandolin and grater. Its suction cup feet give the unit stability and prevent it from sliding during use. It can be handwashed under running water or be cleaned in the dishwasher. Along with the noodle maker, you also get a physical color-printed user manual, mandolin holder, citrus juice attachment and a container with a four-cup capacity.

  1. Kitchen Supreme Veggie Noodle Maker

Veggie Noodle Maker

The Kitchen Supreme spiralizer is made out of reinforced ABS plastic that is BPA-free and stainless steel. It comes with two stainless steel blades, which are made using Japanese technology, and hence, they do not rust or lose their sharpness. This vegetable noodle maker also ensures safe operation, thanks to the integrated finger guard and safety cap.

It is compact enough to be stored in any kitchen drawer after you clean it manually or in your dishwasher. The unit comes with a physical recipe book, a storage bag, a flexible blade cleaning brush, an ebook on how to use the noodle maker to get fit and healthy.

Best Electric Vegetable Noodle Maker

If you are not keen on investing in a manual vegetable noodle maker, don’t worry. There are electric noodle makers that do not require any effort. Here is a list of the best electric noodle maker that seamlessly make ribbons, fettuccine, spirals and juliennes.

  1. Gourmia Electric Noodle Maker

Gourmia Electric Noodle Maker

The Gourmia vegetable noodle maker comes with two speeds to quickly transform vegetables and fruits into long fettuccine and noodles. It comes with two blades for spiralizing and three stainless steel Q-cut cones to ensure you get the patterns you are looking for to make your dishes look unique and more appetizing.

It has a large capacity preparation bowl that collects the spirals with ease. The wide-mouth feeder allows you to spiralize wide fruits and vegetables with ease, and it also comes with an integrated pusher. The ease of operation and maintenance make this vegetable noodle maker an indispensible kitchen tool. You can handwash or wash it in your dishwasher.

  1. Oster Electric Spaghetti and Fettuccine Noodle Maker

Fettuccine Noodle Maker

Oster electric two-blade noodle maker comes with two differently sized blades to make fettuccine noodles and spaghetti within seconds. The spiralized veggies fall into a large preparation bowl, making it a hygienic food prep tool. The durable noodle maker has a food pusher and chute that seamlessly direct the veggies and fruits towards the blade. This vegetable noodle maker has simple push-button start for easy operation.

It is made from BPA-free ABS plastic and comes with a pusher, spaghetti blade cone, cone holder, fettuccine blade cone, spiralizer base and food chute. It is easy to disassemble so that you can clean it quickly by hand. Alternatively, you can wash it in your dishwasher.

Low Priced & Cheap Vegetable Noodle Maker

Sometimes, when scouting for the best vegetable noodle maker, you may find the prices beyond your budget. However, you needn’t worry as there are cheap and affordable veggie noodle maker that are equally good. Here are a few of them that are worth exploring:

  1. Veggetti Manual Noodle Maker

Veggetti Manual Noodle Maker

The Veggetti noodle maker comes with two high-quality stainless steel blades that can seamlessly make thin or thick noodle ribbons. It is made from resilient food-grade, imported plastic to ensure durability.

This vegetable noodle maker is easy to use and has a large chute to effortlessly spiralize zucchini, squash, potatoes and cucumbers. You will find the small blades are extremely sharp and hence, there is no risk of the vegetables getting caught or snagged. It is easy to clean by hand, or else, you can place it in the top rack of your dishwasher.

  1. Zoodle Vegetable Noodle Maker

The Zoodle veggie noodle maker comes with a lifetime guarantee and that itself makes it a worthwhile investment. It is easy to use and requires a simple rotating motion. It comes with reinforced stainless steel handles for durability. The stainless steel blades are made using Japanese technology and are rust-resistant.

You can create both fettuccine and julienne noodles with this noodle maker. It has integrated guards to protect the fingers. It also comes with a flexible brush to clean the blades, but you can also wash it in your dishwasher’s top rack. You also get a digital recipe book that helps you make delicious dishes with the help of the vegetable noodle maker.

  1. Lifestyle Dynamics Noodle Maker

Lifestyle Dynamics Noodle Maker

The Lifestyle Dynamics vegetable noodle maker is the original SpiraLife. Hence, you can be certain that your money will be well-spent. It comes with two blades – one for faux-spaghetti and another one for ribbon strands. The noodle maker boasts solid construction and this prevents any type of jamming and clogging. Its vegetable cap is designed to minimize wastage.

This vegetable noodle maker is dishwasher-safe, but can also be easily cleaned by hand. The faux-veggie noodle maker comes with a useful cleaning brush to reach every corner of the spiralizer. A hand slicer, veggie holder and a recipe ebook complete the package.

Other Good Products

While these are the best vegetable noodle makers, there are also other brands that deserve a mention as they offer value for money.

  1. Brieftons 5-Blade Noodle Maker

Brieftons 5-Blade Noodle Maker
Brieftons Five-Blade Noodle Maker is a handy a tri-blade spiralizer, and comes along with two extra blades that make angel hair noodles and curly fries. The cranking handle of the vegetable noodle maker is from reinforced stainless steel, making it durable and long-lasting. Its folding design makes it a compact kitchen tool that can be stored without taking up two much space. It comes with a color-printed user manual and three recipe ebooks that not only help you create superlative vegetable-based dishes, but also teach you the benefits of raw foods.

  1. WonderVeg Noodle Maker

WonderVeg Noodle MakerThe WonderVeg Noodle Maker is made from reinforced ABS plastic that is BPA-free. The ultra-sharp blades are made out heavy-duty, food-grade stainless steel. And, you will love the cranking handle as it is designed to never break. The unit comes with a durable mandolin with three unique blades, cleaning brush, two recipe ebooks, one physical recipe book, and video tutorials to get the best out of your vegetable noodle maker.


Your quest for the best vegetable noodle maker has come to an end. You can choose one of these manual or electric noodle makers to create healthy, gluten-free and low-carb meals to suit your health and fitness needs without comprising taste, flavor and texture.

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